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To better understand the complexities of public education and entrepreneurship with a focus on Peruvian youth. 

EQWIPHUBs, Powered by Canada World Youth and Youth Challenge International | 2018

This report was written as part of a three-month placement in Lima, Peru with EQWIP HUBs, a project that focused on youth employment and entrepreneurship. The project was sponsored by Canada World Youth (CWY) and Youth Challenge International (YCI). The goal of my placement was to analyze, design and execute research with the projects students to understand their needs, how the projects’ services were tackling those needs, and to recommend additional services to meet needs that were unmet. 

​​In a team of five, we conducted user-centred, participatory research with the organization’s youth and community leaders. We executed study this in a multicultural and bilingual environment to identify the services and resources available for youth to develop sustainable livelihoods in the country. I acted as design lead for our research tools as well as the designer for the final research report. Additionally, I assisted in the execution of three major surveys, six focus groups, nine interviews and data analysis. This project highlights my experience in participatory research and human-centred design. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to work with a team that was responsible for the oversight of a research project that we had to design from start to end and recommend service changes based on our research. 

Our Process

  • Problem Finding
    • ​Industry overview

    • Primary and secondary research

    • Stakeholders needs analysis

  • Problem Framing

    • Criteria analysis

    • Barriers analysis 

    • Human factors analysis​​

    • Scenarios analysis

    • Interviews

    • Focus Groups

    • Experience maps 

  • Problem Solving

    • Surveys

    • Interviews

    • Focus Groups

    • Data Analysis

    • Data Visualizations



  • A written report

  • Information graphics

  • A presentation 

Key Skills

Human-Centred Design, Participatory Action Research, Strategic Foresight, Design Thinking, Presentation Skills, Bilingual Navigation 

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