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Online Dating

Analyzing the current state and reimagining the future of Online Dating. 

OCAD U Systems Thinking | 2020


In collaboration with Ireena Haque, Gulnar Joshi, Aneesha Kotti

In a team of four, we leveraged a current-world scenario in collaboration with strategic systems thinking practices to co-create a synthesis map of online dating during the era of COVID-19, and beyond. 


We focused on a multi-lens approach; discussing the social, economic, environmental, political and values implications of the current and future of online dating.

By using various tools and methods from foresight and systems thinking practices our team developed a synthesis map designed as a communicative artifact that translates multiple knowledge perspectives about the social system revolving around online dating to illustrate the emerging dilemmas and challenges within this complex system scenario. 

Our Process

  • Trend Research and Analysis

  • Secondary Research

  • Iterative Inquiry

  • Actors Map

  • Empathy Maps

  • Causal Loops

  • Journey Maps

  • Causal Layered Analysis (CLA)

  • Three Horizons
  • Intervention Model and Strategy

  • Transition by Design



  • An Intervention Strategy and Proposal

  • A presentation

Key Skills

Research, Systems Thinking, Strategic Foresight, Design Thinking, Graphic Design, Narrative Building, Strategy Development

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