Nature as Technology

Reimagining a future where nature takes over in technological realms. 

OCAD U Foresight Studio | 2020

Project with Geoff Hill, Rocío Chavez Tellería, Aneesha Kotti

In a team of four, we leveraged strategic foresight research practices to co-create scenarios for the future of nature as technology in 2040 and built a (hypothetical) systemic overview of these futures. 


We focused on a multi-lens approach; discussing the social, economic, environmental, political and values implications of the future of nature as technology in 2040. By using trend research and analysis, scenario development and grounding the research in an experiential, representational, and immersive experience.

Our Process

  • Trend Research and Analysis

  • Secondary Research

  • Manoa Method


  • Backcasting

  • Scenario Development

  • Causal Layered Analysis (CLA)

  • User Journey Map



  • A written report

  • Experiential, representational, and immersive presentation

Key Skills

Research, Strategic Foresight, Design Thinking, Graphic Design, Scenario Development, Narrative Building

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