Don't Move a Mussel

An analysis of environmental stakeholders in relation to the invasive species Zebra Mussels in Canadian Great Lakes. 

OCAD U Business and Design Thinking | 2019

Independent Study

This project was done as an assignment regarding stakeholder analysis. After being provided with a handful of details about a broad topic area revolving around plastic and water, I was tasked with creating a stakeholder analysis and map that provided an understanding of the user's experience through the problem, as well as identifying opportunity areas or overlapping interests of stakeholders. 

Therefore, I decided upon a problem area that focused on the invasive species Zebra Mussels and their infestation throughout Canada.

The analysis discusses how Zebra Mussels affect society in a variety of different ways and who they directly impact. They are known to latch onto the bottom of boats, buoys, docks, and other various equipment. They also have the ability to attach to the inside of homes, cottages, and industrial water flow pipes, reducing water intake.


  • Problem Finding
    • ​Problem overview

    • Primary and secondary research

    • Stakeholder maps

    • Stakeholders needs analysis



  • A presentation 

Key Skills

Business Design, Business Development, Strategic Foresight, Design Thinking, Stakeholder Analysis

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