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Electoral Campaign

Art director and designer.

Contract Position | 2018

Recognizing the power that people have to enact change in their communities, Walied Khogali Ali wanted to ignite that energy and passion in people during the 2018 municipal elections. The campaign's goal with designs was to elevate and empower people, and youth specifically, who wanted to make a difference in their communities and beyond by connecting them with the campaign, giving them an outlet for their voices to be heard. For this important initiative, I wanted to ensure a bold statement that reflected the heart of the campaign, that it's: Our Community. Our Moment.

In the pursuit of creating a campaign that was a key competitor on the trail, it was important to ensure a user-friendly and minimalistic style to be developed. The designs contained only two colours, black and yellow for simplicity. In addition to this, we operated across social media channels to reach young people where they were at, instead of expecting them to reach us. We discussed the importance and relevance of community building through design and prioritized educating the constituency. For instance; elaborating on issues that affected the ward; police brutality and carding, gun violence, housing crisis, access to public transit and how to vote. 

In three months of the launch, the campaign gained over 1,500 subscriptions and followers on various online platforms and maintained steady volunteer engagement for in-person outreach efforts. The increased outreach and promotion proved successful, with our most popular online impression reaching almost 11,000 people. On Twitter, the campaign hashtag, #TeamWalied, maintained a community and discussion forum for people to connect with one another online. 


  • A Logo

  • Flyers, Banners and Handouts

  • Online Campaign Material

  • Website Design and Management

Key Skills

Design Thinking, Illustration, Adobe Illustrator, Strategic Planning 

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