Commercial Produce

Agriculture System

To better understand the complexities of the evolving commercial produce agriculture system as part of a changing landscape in Canada.

OCAD U Understanding Systems | 2020

Project with Khuyen Forsythe, Ireena Haque, and Trisha Zawada

In a team of four, we investigated the system topic of Commercial Produce Agriculture, mapped and presented its functions and relationships.


We developed a basic Systemigram of the agriculture system in Canada and how an emergence of new technology may disrupt it. Additionally, discussed the causal loop and results.


Through this, we developed visual models and iterative analyses of our systems problem.

Our Process

  • Industry Analysis

  • Secondary Research

  • Causal Loops Analysis

  • Stakeholder Assessment

  • Systems Mapping​



  • Systemigram map

  • A written report

  • A presentation 

Key Skills

Research, Systems Thinking, Systems Mapping

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