Circular Construction

Creating a business that focuses on circular construction; building a construction force that wastes less and creates more. 

OCAD U Business and Design Thinking Project | 2019

Project with Miriam Havelin, Tanvi Nayar, and Alexis Tennet

Deco&Co. is a deconstruction company that's purpose is to reduce the amount of waste created in a demolition and construction process. Fundamentally, our mission was to create an organization that was able to not only create new capital but to do so without creating more waste. 

The identified problem is the linearity of current models of construction in Ontario. In this model, buildings that outlive their value are demolished and the subsequent waste is typically sent to landfills. 

Therefore, the aim of the company is to target the linearity and waste management processes in current supply chain models in the property development industry. Circularity would be induced through the diversion and up-cycling of waste materials, thereby capturing their residual value. The services and products offered by Deco&Co. are aimed to include deconstruction services, labelling, recycling and selling of waste materials, consulting on new builds and training and certification programs.

Our Process

  • Problem Finding
    • ​Industry overview

    • Primary and secondary research

    • Stakeholder maps

    • Stakeholders needs analysis

  • Problem Framing

    • Criteria analysis

    • Barriers maps and analysis 

    • Value proposition canvas 

    • Human factors analysis​​

    • Scenarios analysis

    • Abundance map

    • Experience maps 

  • Problem Solving

    • Financial modelling

    • Implementation roadmap 

    • Flourishing canvas

    • Service blueprint 

    • Prototyping

    • Testing



  • A written report

  • A prototype 

  • A presentation 

Key Skills

Business Design, Business Development, Strategic Foresight, Design Thinking

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