Education For All

University of Toronto Mississauga Students' Union | 2020


High tuition fees have discriminatory and detrimental impacts on students. In Ontario, students are faced with the highest tuition fees in the country and the financial burden that accompanies them; leaving many students with debt for decades. The Lobby Document was designed by me and written in collaboration with my colleagues.

Putting the Dating in Online Dating​

OCAD University | 2020


This project was the result of a class assignment. We were tasked with developing a synthesis map that addressed a complex or wicked problem in society. We developed a map and intervention strategy of the online dating during a pandemic (and beyond). Through this, we developed visual models and analyses of our systems problem.

Nature as Technology​

OCAD University | 2020


In a team of four, we developed four future scenarios for the year 2040 focusing on the topic of Nature as Technology, following this research, we executed a designed future based on our findings. 

The Downfall of 'Fallout 76'

OCAD University | 2019


Yes, “Fallout 76” can be seen as a failure in the gaming industry, but it can also be seen as a tool to assist in the learning process of creating better games and better organizations. I explore the seemingly disastrous release of “Fallout 76” and discuss the organizational human factors of the company’s internal expectations, feature creep, and its deteriorating relationship with consumers.

Deco&Co. Circular Construction

OCAD University | 2019


This project was the result of a class assignment. We were tasked with developing a business that addressed circularity in society. Circular Construction presents itself as a deconstruction company with the ability to allow for consigning. It is designed around addressing demolition waste management and reduction.

Don't Move a Mussel

OCAD University | 2019


I was tasked with outlining and analyzing stakeholders of a problem of choice. The topic was focused on Zebra Mussels as an invasive species. Identifying the primary stakeholders, and the opportunity areas where these actors overlap.

Community Youth Mapping

EQWIP Hubs, Perú | 2018

This report was written as part of a three-month placement in Lima, Peru with EQWIP HUBs. The goal was to design and undertake research with the organization’s students to understand their needs, how the organizations’ services were addressing those needs, and to recommend additional services to address any unmet needs. 

Electoral Campaign

Freelance, Designer for Walied Khogali Ali  | 2018

This project was conducted over three months. I was the design lead for Walied Khogali Ali's electoral campaign. The campaign's goal with designs was to elevate and empower people, and youth specifically, who wanted to make a difference in their communities and beyond by connecting them with the campaign, giving them an outlet for their voices to be heard.

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